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Happening in October

Foam Rolling Workshop
Saturday October 14
10am -11am     $15
foam rolling2

Reduce Stress & Tension / Increase Fluid in Joints / Improve Range of Motion
We’ll use: Foam Rollers, Fascia Stretching & Tennis Balls
Self care techniques that helps relieve tension and stress in the connective tissue. 
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A Spooktacular Event………



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Crystal Bowl  Sound Immersion Meditation
Sunday October 29
3pm – 4pm
$22 / person
Crystal Bowl  June 15 2015

Leesa Zimmerman, sound healer   A sacred space, an incredible journey. Come experience as Leesa guides us through a deep sound meditation through the use of Crystal Bowls, Bells, Chimes and her voice. Moving us toward Deep Relaxation, Healing and Well Being.    
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*Please note:
*All workshops /events require a minimum of 4 people.
If minimum is not reached 24hours prior -Workshops/Events will be canceled for that day.
* Workshops/Events are not included in the Yoga Class Pass
These events are an additional charge.
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