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Coming up in January

Restorative Yoga Event – New Year Renewal
Warm Sage Eye Mask to take home.

new year renewal
Wednesday  January 23rd  
6:00pm – 7:30pm   $20             

A practice of being, rather than doing.
Draping the body over bolsters and blankets allows for
deep relaxation, release of tension and a healthy way to
re-calibrate the body. Sage cleanse for the New Year!
Registration Required for ALL Events
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It’s not your everyday Yoga
This Yoga resets your body. Your mind. Your spirit. 


*Please note:
*All workshops /events require a minimum of 4 people.
If minimum is not reached 24hours prior -Workshops/Events will be canceled for that day.
* Workshops/Events are not included in the Yoga Class Pass
These events are an additional charge.