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May Events at the Studio:


Date – Coming Soon
Foam Rolling Event

Saturday 10:30am – 11:30am
$15 / class
foam rolling2
Want to become a Fascianado?
That is a person that knows about their fascia!
Inflexibility in the body doesn’t always come from tight muscles.
Often it is adhesions in the fascia that restricts our range of motion.
Come learn the benefits and how to keep your fascia healthy.
Foam Rollers & Tennis Balls provided.

Registration Required
Register Here:  https://app.punchpass.net/org/551/classes


*Please note:
*All workshops /events require a minimum of 4 people.
If minimum is not reached 24hours prior -Workshops/Events will be canceled for that day.
* Workshops/Events are not included in the Yoga Class Pass
These events are an additional charge.
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