Community & Giving Back

                    Warriors for Healing1

Some of you have already joined the Om A Yogi Team – Fundraiser:  Warriors for Healing
BIG thank you!!!   Those of you that haven’t joined our team and would like to:
You can simply donate and join here:
Please remember that every little bit makes a difference. For every $100 raised we are funding a Veteran of War suffering from PTSD and introducing him/her to yoga. This and our Annual Earth Day Coronado Tree Planting will be our only two Fundraisers this year.

If we reach our team goal of $1000  the top 3 donators from our team will
be going to the Warriors for Healing Event on Windsor Lawn at the Hotel
Del Coronado on June 28 at 1pm (affiliated with the Yoga Journal Conference).
You can read about this incredible movement here and please be part of it.
Warriors for Healing website:


Thank you, Coronado, for your generosity –

 Earth Day Golden Medallion Tree        deodarcedarromangoldjpg-844eb6b31d550f03

We planted a  Cedar Tree in the median – Earth Day 2014
We delivered 300lbs of much needed food to the San Diego Food Bank just before Christmas 2014! 
That’s a WOW moment!  Thank you Coronado!